Avantasia seems to be a dream come true... A dream only fulfilled when you're 150% behind this kind of solo project started by Tobias Sammet (who is also a very successful artist with his band Edguy). This is demonstrated impressively by the Avantasia releases between 2001 and 2010. Starting with „The Metal Opera“ and ending with „Angel Of Babylon“, Avantasia created Power Metal just like operas. Guest vocalists were hired to add some extra class to the complex songs. The concept worked out - and now, Avantasia have more success than they dared to dream about when they began. Apart from Michael Kiske, Eric Martin, Jorn Lande, and Ronnie Atkins lined up for the much sought-after narrating parts. The „world beyond human imagination“ has become a tangible one which is yet hard to describe. The albums are much too unique and fictitious, and especially the „Scarecrow“ trilogy is an impressive proof of that. When said trilogy was finished in 2012, the fans feared that Sammet would stop Avantasia. But with „The Mystery Of Time“ (2013) he delivered a demonstration of agility and and freshness, so Avantasia are still alive and kicking. Of course, we have the complete array of Avantasia releases available in our EMP shop: apart from the albums, you'll also get the „The Flying Opera“ Blu-Ray.

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