ASP is a high-class German Gothic band. The band name consists of the initials of the band's head Alexander Spreng - the band, hailing from the Frankfurt region, was originally not keen on performing live, but they were convinced by their fans that they were meant for the stage, so ASP played on renowned festivals such as the German Mera Luna in quite an early stage of their career, resulting in a growing fan community. ASP released their first 5 albums under the title "Der schwarze Schmetterling" - the package can be considered a Gothic novel. So of course it is more than obvious ASP call their music style "Gothic Novel Rock", underlining their unique position in the musical universe. With "Zaubererbruder - Der Krabat-Liederzyklus" and the sequel of "Der schwarze Schmetterling", "Fremd (Fremder Zyklus, Teil 1)", ASP prove their exceptional role in the scene - let us hope that there are still a lot of "Tales Of ASP" to come.

We always have ASP material available - in the EMP shop, you'll get the "Der schwarze Schmetterling" series of course, but also other releases by ASP.

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