EMP is proud to announce its range of ‘original f***ing Asking Alexandria merch’ to celebrate the band’s return to the lineup of ‘original f***ing members’! Down another bottle, join in the party and get some classic tracks melting the amps with our range of Asking Alexandria vinyl and CDs. Slip on your Asking Alexandria rotating skulls t-shirt, fill up your Asking Alexandria mug and break down the walls of EMP’s merch fortress to gain access to our Asking Alexandria goodies. Temporary lead vocalists will be shown the door.

What a rollercoaster ride it’s been for Asking Alexandria fans. First, the longstanding lead singer Danny Worsnop quit the band. This usually signals the beginning of end - but not so for this resilient bunch of metalcore music makers. Drafting in Denis Stoff to man the vocal fort in 2016, Asking Alexandria continued to wage war on our eardrums with their signature sounds and legendary lyrics. Then, just a year later, Stoff was ousted and in strode original frontman Worsnop to lead the band to melodic glory once more.

The latest drama doesn’t feel like uncharted waters for Asking Alexandria. After initial difficulties, the group completely disbanded in 2007 but reunited one year later, coming back stronger with the album Stand Up and Scream. Metalcore galore, the album tracks featured playful electronics and potential hits. The difficult second album? It turned out to be a walk in the park for the band; Reckless and Relentless etches itself into your brain!

Despite the recent turbulent eighteen months, Asking Alexandria have a lot to offer musically. The band’s unmistakeable brand of metalcore continues to delight their hardcore fans and loyal followers. This band of five UK artists have achieved the unthinkable for a metalcore group from Yorkshire, achieving high chart positions in the US and proving that it’s possible to break the American market if your music is as good as Asking Alexandria’s.

The band’s third and fourth albums, From Death to Destiny and The Black (CD | 2-LP limited edition coloured vinyl set) continued to show off Asking Alexandria’s unquestionable talent. Line-up troubles hopefully behind them, the band are currently working on their 5th studio album.

Other bands need years of studio time and make countless mistakes before they achieve anything remarkable. Asking Alexandria, on the other hand, seem to feed off of disruption and drama and, just a few years into their career, have more stories to tell than most bands manage in a lifetime.

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