As I Lay Dying Albums on CD

As I Lay Dying are a very influential band for the Metalcore scene - but not only for that genre: 2001, Tim Lambesis and his boys started their endeavour to bring some fresh breeze to the Metal scene... Sounds like a tough job? Not for As I Lay Dying. Their debut album "Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes" got remarkable attention, and Metal Blade signed the band right away. Within four years, "Frail Words Collapse" and "Shadows Are Security" led to an enormous success which was even increased by a lot of concerts due to the energetic and powerful life performances delivered by As I Lay Dying. "An Ocean Between Us" should convince even the last sceptic, removing the last little stones on the path to the Metal Hall of Fame. The only possible reason for some criticism in the fan community could be the Christian attitude the band has never denied. But As I Lay Dying have never moralised or preached. You can always bet on classy albums and brutal life performances when it comes to these San Diego boys - many other bands fail to deliver that feat. The EMP shop supports the band, we have their milestones available. It will be a tough choice because every album by As I Lay Dying will be a good pick for your CD collection!

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