Green Arrow

Star City is the home of DC comic hero Green Arrow, the greatest bowman of all time. He can shoot 29 arrows per minute, and each one of them will hit its target. He even manages to put an arrow right into the barrel of a gun. In comparison to Green Arrow, Robin Hood and Legolas look like fools. There is more to him than his talent to handle arrow and bow, as you can imagine. He is a martial arts master and can deal with up to seven opponents at once. This he learned from grandmasters of different schools of fighting, amongst them Deathstroke's trainer Natas. And as in passing, he is a veritable acrobat and swordsman, too, a renaissance man in his own right even without superpowers. He's been compared to Batman for a long time, which is due to his personal background. Behind the green mask hides Oliver Queen, a son of wealthy parents whom he lost early, whereupon he inherited their entire fortune. During his first years as a superhero, he had the same knack as Batman for gimmicks, which he put into his arrows. There were explosive ones, light granates, Kryptonite arrows, tear gas arrows and the boxing glove arrow, which is still much disputed among fans today. All in all, this indeed reminds strongly of Gotham's dark knight. Throughout his first 25 years as comic hero, he never achieved greater fame. Then some hack decided to steal his fortune, so Oliver Queen became a crusader of the streets - and promptly found recognition. Since 2012, he has been very popular thanks to the series Arrow, where he is played by Stephen Amell. The format is so successful that there are several spin-offs, also doing quite well. It's clear that we cannot do without him in our EMP Online Shop.

There you find the series on DVD and Blu-ray. In case you want to decorate your home with the fast-shooting hero, we also have an extremely cool Arrow poster and lots of Funko Pop! figures. Among them are Deathstroke and Black Canary. Don't fail his city!

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