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Founded in the early 80s, thrash veterans Anthrax reign supreme among metal’s ‘big four’. You don’t get to be named among greats like Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer without busting out some seriously ass-kickin’ metal music.

Guitarist Scott Ian founded Anthrax in New York with initial bass player Dan Lilker. Searching for a name that would shape the band’s image, they found it in the most unlikely place: a science textbook. Deciding that the name Anthrax sounded "sufficiently evil”, it stuck and became the band’s deathly moniker. At first, Anthrax were strongly influenced by the new wave of British heavy metal but quickly dedicated themselves to thrash. Over the years, they’ve dabbled with a few musical experiments. In the early 90s, they collaborated with hip hop act Public Enemy on the single “Bring the Noise”. A crucial contribution to the emerging crossover scene, it paved the way for other unlikely collaborations and a new genre was born. Despite their thirst for new sounds, they always returned to their core thrash metal style. Over time the line-up changed and key figures came and went. Scott Ian is the only founding member today, but Anthrax are still alive and kicking.

In 2011, the band released the album Worship Music (CD | CD digipak | vinyl), which entered the top 20 in both Germany and the USA. Fans would have to wait another five years for the follow-up: For All Kings (CD | vinyl | 2-CD limited edition | vinyl singles boxset edition), but it was worth the wait. The cover alone looks stunning - showing an upside-down pentagram and the five members as large statues, it's another great piece of art by comic book artist, Alex Ross. Commenting on the album title, Scott Ian explained "to me, it means that everybody can be king. We are all masters of our own life and fate, simply by becoming responsible human beings. To be 'king' doesn't mean playing the boss in any relationship, only being your own king. Taking responsibility for your own shit, that's basically what I mean." The album features songs with socio-critical lyrics such as “Evil Twin”, which drummer Benante says was inspired by the terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo: “it’s about people that play judge, jury and executioner over their fellow man…” a mindset which he labelled the “evil twin” of humanity. The songs on this album don’t just rock your brain, there’s an Anthrax message neatly woven in too. This complexity makes the band's eleventh studio album another gem within the Anthrax discography that every thrash fan needs on their shelves and in their ears.

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