Hey, metal fans! Check out EMP’s moshpit of Annihilator albums. We’re celebrating the tenacity of metal’s most enduring band with a head-banging medley of Annihilator music on CD. Busting through record label drops, line -up changes and years of hiatus like a pro, Jeff Waters has single-handedly released albums and dragged Annihilator kicking and screaming into the record books. So check out what thrash metal tenacity sounds like with our hand-picked selection of Annihilator’s best stuff. Quitters and dropouts need not apply.

Annihilator are Canada’s most successful metal band ever, selling more than 3 million albums worldwide. Way back in 1989 their debut album, Alice In Hell instantly brought them international recognition and, for some hardcore fans, this ranks among the best work of the band’s career. A world tour and another album - Never, Neverland - followed. But dropped by their record label, the band also suffered from line-up changes and it was down to the sole remaining band member, Jeff Waters, to revive Annihilator’s fortunes. Performing all the instruments, and writing most of the album's material, he recorded and released King of the Kill. With a little help from drummer Randy Black, the album garnered fresh attention and more musicians joined them for the next tour. Refresh the Demon saw Annihilator return to form, the speed and precision was back - along with some thrashing riffs.

The 1997 release of Remains marked a dip in form for Annihilator. Struggling with sales, the industrial metal-oriented sound didn’t click with core fans or attract new ones, so it was back to the drawing board for Jeff Waters and the thrash metal boys. After a brief hiatus, Waters reunited the original line-up formed during the Alice In Hell era, releasing Criteria for a Black Widow in ’99. But Annihilator was once again plagued with line-up changes that saw the returning originals quickly replaced. In the early noughties they found their stride and released two hugely successful albums: Carnival Diablos and Walking The Fury returned Annihilator to their guitar-thrashing glory days.

Yet again the band dissolved and, for a decade, Waters worked with session musicians on tour and hired musicians to lay down sections of the next few albums. Their fourteenth studio album, Feast, marked a parting of the ways with long-term member Dave Padden, Annihilator’s taxing touring schedule having left him wanting to spend more time with his family.

Another change of direction came in 2015 with the release of Suicide Society (CD | 2-CD limited edition) and a compilation album, Triple Threat (CD | 2-CD & DVD digipak | 2-CD & Blu-ray digipak), swiftly followed in 2016.

Now working on their sixteenth studio album, Annihilator plan to tour with Testament and Death Angel at the end of 2017. While we wait for the next exciting instalment in the band’s tumultuous career, kick back and listen to your favourite Annihilator CDs and vinyl.

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