Step out of this world and into EMP’s enchanted forest filled gorgeous gifts from the Anne Stokes collection. It’s a fantasy world full of beautiful creatures, mythical legends and gothic horror. Settle down for the sweetest slumber with an Anne Stokes bedding set, curl up with a spooky horror novel on a deathly cushion or sip the nectar of the gods from an enchanting cup. Immerse yourself in Anne’s magical fantasy world further by decorating your heavenly home with some spellbinding Anne Stokes figurines. Nothing else can bring to life the creatures in our imagination, quite like the fascinating world of Anne Stokes’ art.

Anne Stokes has made a name for herself as the queen of fantasy art - and not without reason! Drawing on inspiration from otherworldly beings, the world around us, nature, science fiction and even heavy metal music, her fantasy, horror and goth style creations worshipped by fans all over the world, always original yet instantly recognisable.

Anne Stokes’ mysterious world is often a mixture of two different extremes. Beautiful fairies, angels, gorgeous and fascinating unicorns are found alongside demons, werewolves, vampires, dragons and skulls. The standout stars amongst Anne’s work are her dragons. She has conjured to life amazingly detailed beasts, whose fiery breath, scaly wings and spiky tails strike a stark contrast against her mystical fairies, female warriors and other ethereal beauties.

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