Alice In Chains

Grunge has brought some important bands to the fore, and Alice In Chains belong to the few that are still around, albeit not in their original line-up due to the tragic death of extraordinary singer Layne Staley, but with William DuVall as an adequate replacement. Staley, who in 2002 overdosed on a cocktail of heroin and cocaine, coined the band's sound in a remarkable way on songs like „Nutshell“, „No Excuses“ and of course „Down In A Hole“. „Dirt“ catapulted Alice In Chains into the charts, where they appear on a regular basis, namely with newer albums like „Black Gives Way To Blue“ and „The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here“, which seamlessly continue in the melancholy and desperate vein of old. Many bands write dark songs, but only few match Alice In Chains. You can hardly play Grunge in a more authentic way after its heydays, and this also shows how valuable Alice In Chains are even today. It's why you have to acknowledge that they are timeless.
Time isn't of importance in the EMP Shop either, so we will always keep an eye on Alice In Chains. You can order both their old and new stuff directly from us.

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