Grab yourselves a fistful of Alice Cooper merchandise from EMP’s satanic store. We’ve been worshipping at the grandmaster of horror’s rocking stage every day just to bring you the best Alice Cooper gear on the web. Our bloodstained shopping basket might not contain any guillotines or boa constrictors, but it’s chock full of Alice Cooper t-shirts and albums for all you billion-dollar babies out there. Patch up your Cooper-style threads with our Alice Cooper patches or throw yourselves headlong into our the moshpit with the Alice Cooper - Brutally Live on DVD. Scary makeup and eyeliner optional.

Regularly ‘beheaded’ night after night on stage, Alice Cooper is a shock rock showman who’s always pushing the boundaries. For five decades this legendary frontman has been shocking audiences around the world, his trademark rock psycho-drama horror shows thrilling fans and grabbing headlines, with each disturbing new scene. But even when you take away the wild stage shows, Alice’s music is the stuff of legend. Beginning in 1964 with the band The Earwigs, Cooper made a few line-up changes and rechristened the group as Alice Cooper - the first step towards international fame. The next step? Ramping up the theatrics to eleven and filling the stage with gore and super shock tactics. The provocation and revulsion kept paying off and inspired artists such as Marilyn Manson to continue pushing the boundaries. It was the 1972 release of the concept album School's Out that catapulted the band to fame. Hits like “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “Elected” became part of rock history and still sound as good today.

Despite their huge success, the group disbanded in 1973, but Cooper wasn’t about to let this minor setback get in his way. Starting a solo career, albums such as Welcome 2 My Nightmare and Alice Cooper Goes To Hell saw him earn his rock stripes as a solo artist. The weird stage shows got weirder, the music got louder and the eyeliner went crazy. Top hats, top hits and top marks for shock-filled solo albums. School may be out for summer, but Alice Cooper gets a gold star from the EMP hall of rock fame. Stay Cooper, stay rockin’ or we’ll bite your face off. Remember, it’s a Brutal Planet out there, Cooper fans.

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