Avast ye, mutinous bilge swillers! Batten down the hatches and prepare to plunder EMP’s treasure chest of golden Alestorm merchandise. We’ve raided the finest ships sailing these waters to bring you the very best Alestorm merch that gold doubloons can buy. Hoist the mainsail, scrub the poop deck and set your mouse on a course for glory. Our hulls are full to the gunwales with Alestorm t-shirts, hoodies,CDs, sew-on pirate patches and more! For the perfect gift (for that special pirate in your life) we’ve got EMP-exclusive Alestorm merch - you won’t find this treasure anywhere else. Beware… landlubbers and mutineers WILL be made to walk the plank.

In terms of pirate metal, there really can only be one band: Alestorm. The scurvy-riddled Scotsmen have sailed the metal oceans for a few years now, never shying away from copious amounts of rum to keep their ship on course.

The self-proclaimed metal pirates went on their first raid with the album, Captain Morgan's Revenge. Creating a stir amongst critics and shipmates, they combined power metal with folk and created a sound that went way beyond whimsical sea-shanties. They conquered stages worldwide with sharpened blades and cutlasses, casting the Alestorm spell on countless listeners.

No wonder then that the salty seadogs didn’t disappoint with the follow-up album Black Sails At Midnight. Their third and fourth albums, Back Through Time and Sunset On the Golden Age, proved that they weren’t about to be sent to Davy Jones’ Locker any time soon.

With their fifth album in May 2017, Alestorm brought us more rousing tunes, phat choruses and a gloriously thrashy sound that sails right into your face, sets anchor and moors up in your brain. No Grave But The Sea (available from EMP on CD, 2-CD and vinyl) is their finest haul of tracks to date. So are you up for sea battles, golden guitar riffs and a back catalogue of metal madness? Then climb aboard. EMP’s the most powerful leviathan in the merch ocean and we’ve got a galleon of Alestorm booty to prove it.

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