EMP’s handpicked range of Alchemy Gothic jewellery lets you show your love for a lifestyle of loud music, tattoos and rebellious thinking. Here, you’ll find impressive necklaces, bracelets, beard beads, watches, rings and much more. Forged from a deep love of punk rock, Alchemy Gothic jewellery always makes a statement. Whether you’re looking for a standout piece for a special gig or some everyday wear for crafting your look, there’s something for everyone. With such a huge range of Alchemy Gothic items available, choosing a gift for your favourite punk, goth or steampunk fan couldn’t be easier!

Founded in the ‘70s, Alchemy Gothic was created by two broke artists looking for a way to combine their love of punk music and model-making. Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson had been making model soldiers as a hobby, but Geoff began creating punk ‘anti-jewellery’. With it quickly proving popular in local shops and selling well via mail order, the two decided to team up and start a business. With the jewellery proving a hit at gigs, the duo soon developed a reputation for forging unique pewter jewellery. Signed up to make tour merchandise for bands, the business took off and soon the duo were employing artists and jewellery makers who all had a passion for punk, rock and gothic imagery.

Thirty-five years on and Alchemy Gothic is still crafting magical collections for punks, goths and heavy metal fans. Adding steampunk and urban rock artwork lines, they take everyone who wears their jewellery into a world of fantasy and mythology, full of mysterious legends.

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