If you had three wishes free, just likeAladdin- wouldn't that be great? Disney seemed to think the same, and so the company decided to release a family-friendly animated adaptation of the Takes of the thousand and one nights. Some taking animals here, some peppy music parts there - and, lo and behold, a new Disney masterpiece was created.

Street-smart urchin Aladdin gets to own a lamp - not your average lamp, but a magic one. And as usual in the magic lamp business, there's a Genie inside who grants Aladdin three wishes. Boom! All his problems seem to be solved at once. But the film mainly deals with the fact that wishes don't always set everything straight in your life. This message is brought to us in a charming and funny way, by slightly weird characters, fronted by hyperactive Genie, of course. In the English original, the great Robin Williams was the voice of Genie. The film is only 90 minutes long, bit when Robin Williams took the microphone in the speaker's booth, he didn't stick to the script, of course. The man improvised with all his body and soul, so at the end, Disney ended up with 16 hours of material. Mind you, Williams did all this during the filming breaks of his roles in Hook and Toys! Total madness! Many of his improvisations can be heard in the final film version of Aladdin. And the movie became a smash hit! So, Disney did everything right with this one.

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