Agnostic Front Merchandise, CDs and Vinyl

Decades after their first steps on stage, Agnostic Front still exude the charm of honest Hardcore, with front man Roger Miret and guitarist Vinnie Stigma being two genuine originals of the NY Hardcore scene. Agnostic Front started their long career with "Victim In Pain" - followed by (among others) top-selling albums such as "Cause For Alarm" and "Liberty And Justice For..." In spite of all their frequent line-up changes, they have hardly ever changed their style, just augmenting it with Thrash elements. As far as Agnostic Front are concerned, this is valid until today, making the band still one of the most authentic groups on this planet. Even after the split and a reunion in 1997, they played in almost any given club on earth, while releasing one Hardcore monster record after the other... So, "Riot, Riot, Upstart" and "Dead Yuppies" are albums people still do like, even these days. But the toughies are absolute kings of their realm on stage - you have to go see them performing: Agnostic Front will blow you away!

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