Anyone who's had enough of boring kids' series should switch to Adventure Time.

Imagine the following scenario: humanity has been wiped out, and you're the only survivor. With you is your best friend, a talking dog with magical powers. Together with him, you live in a post-apocalyptic land named Ooo. Other than you, there are just a few princesses, mythical creatures and various other survivors. Together, the pair are ready to take on any challenge, whether it's a princess in distress or a dastardly king with an evil scheme in mind.

Life in Ooo

In this dream world lives Finn, who has made it his task to help anyone who finds themselves in trouble, and to do good deeds. He was brought up by a family of dogs, of which Jake is also a member.

Jakeis a 28-year-old dog and Finn's best friend (and step-brother). He has magical powers which allow him to grow, shrink, bend or transform into any conceivable shape and form. His girlfriend is Lady Rainicorn, half rainbow, half unicorn, who belongs to Princess Bubblegum.

Various princesses live in Ooo. Princess Bubblegum is 18 years old, is made entirely from bubblegum and reigns over the Candy Kingdom. In the Fire Kingdom lives the Flame Princess, who was in a relationship with Finn, and the Lumpy Space Princess, a Lumper from Lumpy Space, who loves to complain about others. And who can forget Marceline, a 1000-year-old vampire queen who loves to play bass. Oh, and did we hear something about a talking games console? BMO (Beemo) is exactly that. He also works as an alarm, camera and video recorder.

Finn and Jake's biggest enemy is the Ice King. In his loneliness, he continually tries to kidnap princesses and force them to marry him. He also has magical powers, which he doesn't hesitate to use. These include freezing things, creating thunderbolts, flying with his beard and creating snow monsters.

Adventure Time merchandise

A lot is going on in Ooo, and Finn and Jake have a lot to do. With our merch, you can join them to fight for order and friendship. There are loads of adventures waiting for you - ADVENTURE TIME!

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