We’ve got tons of A Day to Remember merchandise for those who have heart here at EMP. From A Day to Remember t-shirts and tank tops to their back catalogue on vinyl and CD formats, including their most recent album, Bad Vibrations – it’s an absolute killer.

It’s hard to define the typical sound of A Day to Remember as they’re renowned for championing their own unique blend of metalcore and punk rock. Is it metalcore? Pop punk? Or is it post-hardcore? Whatever it is, fans can’t get enough of A Day to Remember’s uniqueness, and celebrate it at ADTR’s yearly Self Help Fest – an event graced by such rock and metal legends as Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice and Men.

In an industry that has seen many high-profile bands parting ways when things got tough, A Day to Remember have remained almost rock-solid since their inception in 2003, losing only drummer Bobby Scruggs in 2006 and guitarist Tom Denney in 2009. The guys from Florida are best known and loved for hit singles such as “All I Want”, “Paranoia” and “Naivety” .

When A Day to Remember first tried to blend pop-punk with metalcore, they said it couldn’t be done. But now they’re having the last laugh, having cultivated a unique sound that ensures this band are carving out their own niche and not simply following in the footsteps of others.

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