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Lifestyle “Gothic” – the calm counterpart of shallow mainstream society

Follow us into dark spheres and join us on a journey into the depths of our EMP Gothic online shop. Together with us you can escape your everyday life and discover the endless takes on the Gothic scene time and time and again. But first, a lesson about the beginnings of the Gothic culture for you newbies out there. Beginnings? Well, the Goth cult had an official beginning, but let's be honest: This type of lifestyle has been around forever, hasn’t it? The Gothic scene we know today emerged at some point during the 70s. During these wild times, the first Gothic movement developed from Punk and its attitude towards life. The Wave and Gothic movement became a separate scene, distinguishing itself especially due to its introverted, peaceful and romantic philosophy of life. This philosophy of life is exactly what makes the entire Gothic scene so unusual and individual. Tolerance is one of the central motifs. Topics like grief, the extravagant or evil aren’t just ignored by the Gothic scene the way it is usually done during everyday life, but became free from taboos in Goth music, discussions and knowledge and are therefore a vital part of the scene. Just like Punk, the Gothic scene has it’s music as the most powerful element of expression. Bands like Joy Division, The Cure, Christian Death or Bauhaus have shaped the movement and paved the way for further sub-genres.

The EMP Gothic online shop offers you the possibility to express your individual Goth lifestyle. Flip through our clothing and accessories from areas like Gothic, Industrial Gothic, Everyday Goth, Pastel Gothic, Nu Goth and assemble your individual outfit for everyday life, your next concert or festivals such as the WGT, Am phi Festival or the M’era Luna Festival. We are offering Gothic clothing for men and women as well as accessories by top brands such as Gothicana by EMP, Spiral, Vixxsin, Burleska or Nemesis Now. High-quality Gothic dresses, shirts, tops, boots, coats, hats, glasses and pants and a whole lot more for both sexes are waiting for you.