Motörhead, true all-rounders within the realm of music, were founded in 1975. The British trio combined influences from Punk, Hard Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues Rock and Heavy Metal. Although there may be bands within the genre that were commercially more successful than them, they had a massive impact on other musicians. Motörhead's peak in popularity lasted from 1979 to 1982. During that time, they released three albums - "Overkill", "Bomber" and "Ace of Spades" - that are considered to be trailblazers for Heavy Metal and have become true genre classics.

Due to their appearance and lyrics, Motörhead established an outlaw image early on that gained a lot of sympathy, particularly from the early Punk scene. Today, Motörhead are seen as the link between Punk and Heavy Metal. Their trademark sound became extraordinarily ballsy thanks to the electric bass. It serves as second rhythm guitar and sounds really fat - just listen to the intro of their staple "Ace of Spades". Man, that's what we call big balls!

This individual sound has inspired Motörhead's fans for 40 years and led to 22 great studio albums. The Heavy Metal veterans would probably have continued forever if front man Lemmy had not unexpectedly died at the end of 2015. Sadly, Rock'n'Roll, cigarettes and whiskey do kill you. Lemmy however proved that even at a great age, you can be a hard-ass motherfucker and still kick young bands' asses. We fucking love Lemmy. When you visit a pub next time, order a tasty Lemmy (Jacky and Coke) and turn up Motörhead, but loud. Born To Lose, Live To Win. R.I.P Lemmy.


The career of Lemmy Kilmister began on Christmas Eve in 1945. While Europe was still licking the wounds inflicted by World War II, Lemmy made a beeline towards the minefield of Rock 'n' Roll. A lover of alcohol and not averse to drugs either - although he never took heroin -, he worked as Jimi Hendrix' roadie. Since he also wanted to further his own music, he founded the Space Rock group Hawkwind in 1969, a band in which he took his first steps as a musician. When he got kicked out in 1975, he quickly returned with Motörhead. The rest is history!

After 40 years as Motörhead's front man and bass player Lemmy had made a name for himself. He was also in great demand for collaborations. Probot - Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl's Heavy Metal project - was one of the most popular efforts in which Lemmy participated. His list of friends within the music scene is long, though. Apart from Doro and the Ramones, he worked with Slash, Airbourne or Emigrate. It's an almost infinite list, just like the one of all the people worldwide mourning his death.

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