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GenreThrash Metal
Media format2-LP & CD
Media PackagingGatefold
Available from 29.09.2017
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Great job!

Great job! The first Sodom album I heard was "M-16". Album (named after the famous assault rifle) - a concept entirely dedicated to the horrors of the Vietnam War (as opposed to "Agent Orange" (1989), which touch on issues that are not related to the war). He really immerses us in military operations, with their calm and sneaking around on all sides by death. A kind of soundtrack for the war in Vietnam. This is especially felt in the song "Napalm in the Morning", at the beginning of which we hear the famous speech of Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore from the movie "Apocalypse Now," Coppola, which Robert Duval character says after the helicopter attack and the subsequent burning of the surrounding dzhugley napalm: "I love Smell of napalm in the morning .It's the smell ... of victory! " It is a pity that not all of it included before the track, because it, in my opinion, accurately conveys the horror of the war: "you smell It Napalm, son more, nothing smells so I love the smell of napalm in the morning of the world once we bombed one?... height, twelve hours in a row. And when it was over, I went up to her. There was nobody, not even a stinking corpse. Only the smell of napalm! The whole hill was it soaked. It was the smell ... victory! Someday this war is over ". Well, the original "Surfin 'Bird", on which Sodom recorded a cover, can be heard in another masterpiece of the Vietnam war, "Full Metal Jacket" Kubrick.
"M-16" is quite a diverse album. Speed ​​action movies (like "I Am the War"), alternating with mid-tempo tracks (the same "Napalm in the Morning"), which can not but rejoice. I remember, in many reviews of the band's early albums, it was her fault that the compositions were monotonous. "M-16" - here's an example from the opposite. If we consider the stylistic features of the album, I want to note that this is no longer the straightforward thrash metal, which is a group of "sliced" in the late '80s - early' 90s, and I would say, hard'n'thrash.
In short, the album is magnificent in every respect. There is no speed for, in fact, speed. Competent, mature, professional work, which certainly will not be superfluous in your discography.

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