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Must have!

To begin, the production is excellent. Probably Scott Burns' best. The instruments are well balanced but definitely "raw". Jesse Pintado's guitar is thick and nasty, with head-splitting heaviness and a low death metal pitch. That's to help remind you that you're listening to metal, not the high-speed political punk of a certain English quartet. David Vincent plays a crushing, ultra-distorted bass, though his playing typically follows the guitar except on a few occasions. Oscar Garcia has a deep, harsh growl that really sets the atmosphere of death and despair, two of the more dominant lyrical subjects on here. The drums are solid, and the bass drums have a distinct thump rather than the hated "clicking" that would soon become a Scott Burns trademark, or just a trademark for a lot of metal that came afterwards.

The riffing is relentless and badass, but truly exceptional in that Pintado doesn't need to play at light speed to be effective. Example: the beginning mid-paced groove of Fear of Napalm is one of the most memorable riffs in metal history. Hell, every riff in that song goes without flaw. However, it's drummer Pete Sandoval's performance that takes the cake. His playing is mind-boggling; hyper-fast, yet incredibly precise. No sloppiness here. Listen to the many drum fills on the opening track, or any other for that matter. He shows amazing speed and variation, two attributes rarely seen simultaneously. Although this is not the first grind album (thank you, Scum), I do think Sandoval's epic drumming techniques inspired a generation of metal. Explosions baby!

I can't see the point in picking songs from the album as prime examples, since you can't go wrong with any of them; however, you might want to take a look how many bands were influenced by this single album and made covers of these songs...

There is part of the legend that say we can thank to Shane Embury of Napalm Death fame that World Downfall exists, he pushed through this thing so the guys could get their stuff released widely. I'm so glad it turned out to be like this.

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