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GenreDeath Metal
Media formatLP
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Available since 23.06.2017
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Rereleased as a black LP.

Schwedentodpioniere, who formed out of Nihilist, created a whole new genre with their 1990 debut album and made the Sunlight sound world-famous. The title song continues to rank among the top three death metal classics of all time.

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3 reviews

The most important record from Swedish Death Metal Legends!

once again this record has been given the reissue treatment, with the full dynamic range (repressing from the original recording) that makes it sound awesome !!! this is my favorite record and finally i can get in the Vinyl LP Format it deserves !! not only is this classical album killer it also has the very famous artwork in great quality.

definitely grab this one while you can, i got a feeling it won't be around for much long !

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Written on:

7 reviews

Must have!

Any discussion of Left Hand Path should start with its eponymous opening track, which is one of the best metal songs in any genre. The opening scream and subsequent riffs, leading to a bone-crushing groove, set the tone for what the Swedish death metal scene was all about. Heavy, down-tuned guitars, perfectly placed tempo changes and vocals delivered with reckless abandon. It even has a haunting melodic coda (the only one of its kind on this album, and one that might fit better on a closing track) that predicts the sounds of their countrymen in the future Gothenburg scene.

In 1990 there were just a few death metal bands around. Florida's Death, Morbid Angel, and Obituary already had albums out, but Entombed hails from a place far from Florida: Sweden, and they helped define the Swedish death metal movement. The opening title track starts off eerie-sounding with an ominous scream, but suddenly explodes with a guitar solo so wet it could drown a shark - which brings me back to the guitar tone! Every track on the album is filled with killer riffs and solos that are immersed in the signature tone. Vocals are as to be expected in a death metal release: guttural. But not too guttural. Lars Pertov's growls are just right. More comparable to David Vincent's vocals on Altars of Madness than, say, Chris Barnes' almost incomprehensible vocal style. The drums and the bass also complement the guitar and vocals. Most tracks are fast and thrashy but definitely a death metal album for sure. One can also pick out some parts of the death 'n' roll style that the band would exercise more later in their career.

All in all, Left Hand Path in my opinion is a death metal masterpiece: one of my favorites, if not my all-time favorite of the genre. And of course it features my favorite guitar tone. If I had to pick my favorite tracks (which is difficult), they would be "Morbid Devourment", "Drowned", and "Left Hand Path".

Entombed did not have the technical skill or inventiveness of some of the bands that made true landmark albums in the genre--the ones that transcend death metal and are recommended to all who are interested extreme music--but it is a stark reminder of why I got into this style in the first place: it's fun. I love meaty riffs and busy drums and vocals that are silly to the average music listener. If you do, to, Left Hand Path is a required listen.

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