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GenreThrash Metal
Media format2-LP
Media PackagingGatefold
Available since 30.06.2017
Product code360025

Released as a remastered, black double LP (180 g) in a gatefold with bonus material and a 36-page booklet (including sleeve notes) plus 2 posters.

The magnificent ‘Morbid Tales’ EP from Celtic Frost was first released in 1984 and paved the way for an unprecedented career. This album-length extended edition also has 4 rehearsal tracks from 1984!

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Time goes by, and people begin to forget the true heroes, dissolves, so the fingers are fan in the dispute who is the most spiteful, brutal, atmospheric, etc. by the list. But in spite of time Celtic Frost remains with the very first EPs of "Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return".
Rubbing, already teeth reduces, thrash-black-death rough, gloomy and murderous, striking imagination with its original power and infernal aesthetics. It was with "Morbid Tales" that he started his death metal march in the form of a hit of all times and peoples "Dethroned Emperor". You can paint this mess for a long time, but it's easier to list the bands that replayed these songs:
Obituary & Opeth - "Circle of the Tyrants", Sepultura & Enslaved - "Procreation (of the Wicked), Benediction -" Return to the Eve ", Mayhem -" Visual Aggression ", Anthrax -" Into the Crypt of Rays "and" Dethroned Emperor "(concerts with Phil Anselmo), Vital Remains, etc.
P.S. The song "Danse Macabre" is actually horror-dark-wave.

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After the jump ship from Hellhammer, Martin Eric Ain and Warrior along with session drummer Stephen Priestly recorded the landmark debut in about a week. Keeping the energy and enthusiasm from iApocalyptic Raids, and showing they have new found maturity while evolving. The songs have variety within themselves. For example, "Dethroned Emperor" starts off as a sombre number with Black Sabbath influences. Then after a punkish breakdown, the song turns into a thrashy, Motörhead-like territory. While pretty raw in terms of production, you can hear the bass fairly often, and there's a pretty heavy and crushing sound present for the era. Songs like "Into the Crypts of Rays", "Morbid Tales", and "Nocturnal Fear" are, boisterous, fast paced headbangers done with plenty of vigour. Showing off their interest in building atmosphere and being theatrical in the form of "Dance Macabre" is a nice touch. Although somewhat juvenile, Morbid Tales avoids pretentiousness and boredom by simultaneously being dark and having a sense of fun. Tom's occasional trademark grunts of "ooh" and asking us "Are You Morbid?" on the title track makes the charismatic bastard pretty endearing.

This is a killer album. The first half, or the "Morbid Tales" portion, sounds great. Great remix. But when you get to the "Emperor's Return" portion, the remix is horrible. Which sucks, because the main reason I bought this album was for the original "Circle of the Tyrants" recording. The guitars are way too low on this portion, and the vocals are almost completely drowned out. The wonderful reverb on the vocals is lost. It sounds as if he's singing under a blanket behind a closed door. I was pissed.
But I will say that I was thrilled with "Dethroned Emperor" and "Into Crypts of Rays," which sound awesome. If they would have left the other portion alone, this would be a perfect album.

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