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A matter of life and death Iron MaidenLP

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Iron Maiden
Available from 23.06.2017
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GenreHeavy Metal
Media format2-LP
Media PackagingGatefold
Available from 23.06.2017
Product code355040

Released as a double LP on black vinyl (180 g).

Iron Maiden stayed true to their signature style with ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’, releasing songs with concrete historical backgrounds that speak to the contemporary issues of war and conflict. ‘These Colours Don’t Run’ describes the experiences of soldiers in war zones. ‘Brighter Than A Thousand Suns’ refers to the first atomic bomb as described by the scientists that witnessed the explosion.
The band made the top of the charts in Germany for the first time with ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’, even reaching the Top 10 in the USA with 56,000 CDs sold!

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Great album!

Great album! Heavy riffs have never been so hard for Iron Maiden, as on this album. Acoustic elements and vocals are extremely emotional and atmospheric, from some similar introductions - as much frost goes on the skin! Prescribed on this album a gloomy, and in some places an arsessive mood, of course, will not be to the liking of many hardened admirers of the "joyful" Maiden of the times "Powerslave". But those who love the band's music for its unique mood, melodism and drama - the album will be the best gift this year.

In general, bands like, for example, Metallica or Iron Maiden, are often reproached for radical changes in their music. And if such changes in the work of Metallica can really cause bewilderment (thrash metal, then "rocked" rock / metal and, finally, low-budget garage metal with the elements of the alternative - as a rule these genres have "incompatible" fans), then constant quibbles to The music of Iron Maiden personally is completely incomprehensible to me. Bruce did not sing the "growling", the guitarists did not stop playing solo and melodic passages (on the contrary, the ingenuity of the musicians knows no bounds, as this album shows), the group did not deteriorate the standard of its studio work (like Metallica). The band just composed NEW good songs, DIFFERENT from the previous ones. And whoever does not say diversity that does not go at the expense of quality - in the music world it means progress. And the new album Iron Maiden is really progressive (and in all senses of the word).

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