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GenreThrash Metal
Media formatLP
Media PackagingGatefold
Available since 10.12.2016
Product code354281

Comes on blue vinyl in a gatefold.

Old school thrash metal from the USA. ‘Forbidden Evil’ by Forbidden will likely appeal to fans of bands like Testament, Exodus, Overkill, Artillery, Death Angel, Vio-lence, Anthrax, Flotsam and Jetsam and Sacred Reich.

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Written on:

3 reviews

Pure Thrash

It doesn't get much better than this!

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Written on:

56 reviews

100% musthave

A wonderful debut of the wonderful bay-area legend. Let them not embarrass you with these praises, because the album is close to me as a breath of fresh air from the era of honest iron. It was with this group that I started my really in-depth acquaintance with the classics of thrash. Then there were hurricane Violence, Defiance, Intruder, Realm, Toxik and other worthy acts, mentioning the full list of which will take one more review. What is so special about what I saw in Forbidden, you ask. And then the feeling of pure energy and the spirit of freedom, which are so inherent in the commands of that jet. The rear covers, sitting behind the drum set, none other than Paul Bostaph, cementing an already very precise rhythm. Graig Locicero and Glen Alvelais create soulful riffs and solo parts. Russ Anderson broadcasts a distorted purgatory about "deal with the mind and humanity". Matt Camacho pretty much reminds himself of the blood rushing blood stream bass guitar. So that no one has any doubts why I put this work the highest score. 100% must have for fighters thrash front.

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Written on:

9 reviews

Awesome return of the classic beast

This reissue was unexpected!
And now i defenetely can say it's worth the price!
Clean sound, with a little bit low level of guitars
I have original pressing from Under One Flag, and it sounds a little bit noisy - specialy on vocals and in "highs"

Compare to first press, this reissue sounds rock solid! Vocals are clean, guitars are even more detailed than Under One Flag's. The only one minus point i can hear is that guitars on reissue are a little bit down in volume, but it's not an issue, cause they sound clean and detailed!

So, i defenetely can recommend this pressing from Floga to every fan of thrash metal - it's classic album brought back to life! Long fast riffs here, high vocals and awesome lyrics - you should take a listen!

Also, for those who already have another Floga vinyls in collection - this one is not overloaded with bass - it's fine!

btw, EMP, thanx for discount on this item!

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