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GenreDeath Metal
Media formatLP
Media PackagingStandard
Available since 24.03.2017
Product code353058

Released on black vinyl, MP3 download code included!

‘Reign Supreme’ is the latest album of the American death metal troupe Dying Fetus. This crazy mix of groove, elaborate guitar work and brutal fury will explode mercilessly from your speakers when you play this LP. ‘Reign Supreme’ is finally rereleased!

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Reign Supreme marks the pinnacle of creativity from this act to date and whilst it is nothing particularly new or fresh, it still has enough substance to it to deliver a harsh kick to the crotch. The technical wizardry on display in the guitar department is displayed frequently, including opening the album up with a fast piece of lead playing leading into a technical riff. Whereas bands such as Nile and the later material from Cryptopsy and Suffocation abuse the level of technicality that can be cast into one death metal brewing station, Reign Supreme comes off feeling perfectly balanced. The surprising thing here is that one guitarist handles the guitar work here and yet keeps the feeling of intensity that many bands can not muster with two or even three guitarists (yes, I'm looking at you, Whitechapel).

The other signatures of Dying Fetus' sound return in form on Reign Supreme. The closing moments of Second Skin show exactly why the band is frequently heralded as the flagship band of the slam-death metal sub-genre. The slower, chuggier moments of this release are as hard hitting and powerful as they have been on all Fetus bands and it is a shame that more slam-death bands can not assault the ears with the same aggression as this. The hyper fast blast beats also mark a glorious return, with some surprising variety to them. The cymbal clatters away during the 2.50 section of From Womb To Waste, whereas opener Invert The Idols thunders ahead with primarily the snare. The fills that are scattered throughout the slower moments of the album are also candy to the ears, with the drummer showing off a surprising level of technical accomplishment, perhaps more than ever before on a Dying Fetus album.

Each song on this album is superbly delivered, take for instance one of the best tracks “Revisionist Past” the track starts with a melodic guitar line that reminds of The Human Abstract’s Digital Veil, this is not casual because as soon as that line passes the song is ruled by brutal technicality, yet unusually mid-tempo parts at some points and features simply one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard from a Death Metal band, it is exceptionally melodic and that guitar tuning rules. thought for the most part John guitar solos last mostly 20 seconds, his stretches of technically continue on and further justify the song’s epic reign of supremacy. Lyrically speaking Reign Supreme main theme is war, another change in direction for the band; songs like “From Womb to Waste” sees Dying Fetus talking about drugs and their terrible effects (of course on a gory manner). Another highlight song of the album would be “Subjected to a Beating” because it contains the right amount of technical riffs and groovy hooks, I mean (and this is just my opinion) Dying Fetus is a great band, but I feel that sometimes they should take breaks from the overly technical attack because they captivate much more attention with their most tasteful groovy sections and melodic solos, that would work better… the technical quality is excellent, I love it; but it is sometimes raping the song too much leaving a tired, painfully varied vagina. Things set aside “Subjected to a Beating” is the catchiest track of Reign Supreme.

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