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GenreDeath Metal
Media formatLP
Media PackagingStandard
Available since 14.04.2017
Product code352008

Available as a remastered re-release on black vinyl (full dynamic range edition).

The mix by Colin Richardson ensures that Bolt Thrower find their characteristic sound on ‘Realms Of Chaos’, but they are still enriched with plenty of grindcore lifts from before they became more and more active in the death metal scene on later albums.

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This record is enhanced by heavy riffs, especially in the opener "Eternal War" and "World Eater". Both are marked by chaotic solos and crushing guitar playing, but also this can be heard in every song on the album. The vocals by Karl Willets are brutal but intelligible. The bass and the drums complement perfectly the sound that Bolt Thrower is trying to achieve. The production helps because everything is downtuned, sounding vicious like a war, which is the theme of the record. Speaking of which, this is what the band focus on in their lyrics. Seriously they sound like they went to Iraq and Vietnam and have the wounds to prove it.

The songs on Realm of Chaos sounds very similar, but in the case of this band this is a good thing. I would have liked a little more variety, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter that much if it sounds this good. This record may not be a classic but is a great album, a total influence in Death Metal.

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A terrible mess

The second album in a row legendary and unique Bolt Thrower turned out pretty good, even more than that - excellent. Bass roar of the vocalist, violent guitar riffs, combined with machine-gun fire shock is over heavy, but melodic measure, the music of "bolts". I want to say that the album is very brutal: it gently combine aggression, heaviness and melody. Throughout the album will sound short but very fast solos, which is simply impossible to forget. It is also worth noting the theme groups: war. All their songs are reduced to one: why fight? Well, that's right. It should be noted that the band's first album with the retention times of grown markedly: the quality of the recording, song structure, in the end cover. Registration plate conveys the whole atmosphere of the album: a terrible mess. Well, on to describe senseless, it is necessary to listen, listen and listen again, and admire ...

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