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GenreDeath Metal
Media formatLP
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Available since 17.03.2017
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Napalm Death’s 1987 debut album ‘Scum’, which features two extremely different line-ups on its vinyl sides, caused the outbreak of the grindcore revolution. This true gem of an album has now been issued again, in the form of a re-release edition on black vinyl. The tracks were taken from the band’s original versions and totally remastered by means of Full Dynamic Range Mastering.

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6 reviews


Napalm Death's debut album, Scum, was recorded throughout 1986 and released in 1987, and defines grindcore music to this day. Mick Harris, the drummer, was the first to coin the term, and the band was the first to apply a sound to the genre. While there were bands playing the same sort of music, it was Napalm Death who gave it direction and shaped it into what it is today.

It was a revolution in heavy music. Napalm Death made a name for themselves off their own style of music, and the surprising success of the song "You Suffer" (which is probably due to the song being around a second in length). Scum has twenty-eight tracks and is around thirty-six minutes long, with few songs breaching the two minute barrier. The drumming is usually either a very fast, near punkish "doop-chick", or it is signature grind drumming: extremely fast, pounding double bass and snare offbeats. The bass is heavily distorted and the guitar moves over chords at breakneck speed, carrying obvious hardcore punk and metal influences. The production is muddy (this was 1987 and released on Earache, a relatively small label), but it gives a very raw sound and demands more volume.

This release is actually a hard pill to swallow, the weak ones won't understand its greatness and they will turn their heads in disgust…but the ones who enjoy, understand and know all about their attitude will be praising this album everyday for the rest of their lives.

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Written on:

56 reviews


Classic! One of the first albums of the nascent style then called "grindcore". However, here grindcore like this, but there is a mad and furious punk overclocked to speeds (though not very punk pulls :)) flavored lyrics protesting against everyone and everything on this earth (though mostly against all state systems) and shouts, roars and screams of vocalist Lee Dorian, more like cries of the patient on the head of the Nerds, imagines himself a dog, and sitting in a cramped cell of a mental hospital :) also, another feature of this drive from other metals (and not only) releases It is the time duration and number of songs: 28 compositions for which duration 1-1.5 minutes - limit, the remaining range from 5 to 40 seconds. Recording Quality - tolerant, especially when you consider that: a) it is the beginning of the 80's, b) is the debut album, c) where and on what money was recorded.
From songs liked already become legendary (as part of the style) «Instinct of Survival», «The Kill», «Siege of Power», although the highlight something special does not make sense.
Verdict: listen to people who love music and sound distortion. P.S. The assessment may seem excessive, but at this album I really broke away and got high.

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