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GenreHeavy Metal
Media formatLP
Media PackagingStandard
Available since 24.06.2016
Product code332179

Comes on black vinyl (180g) including a poster!

The legendary 'Mercyful Fate' guitarists Michel Denner and Hank Shermann release their next output "Masters Of Evil" at Denner/Shermann. If you liked the predecessor "Satan's Tomb", you will also like this energetic output.

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Written on:

4 reviews

Not that good

‘Masters of Evil’ is an ambiguous album; while there are, of course, inspired riffs, badass drumming,and a good production job, which fits the idea of the album perfectly – raw and simpler than the average mix of today’s standards, emulating the 1980’s characteristic sound, which I absolutely approve of -there are two main problems with it: the lyric content and Sean Peck vocals. The lyrics, as I said above, are barely passable and at times are actually comical. There is absolutely no originality present in any of the tunes lyric-wise, and this hurts the final product considerably. Peck’s normal vocal approach is good, but his falsettos are not. The lack of personality in his performance turns his voice into a strange mix of things; when he’s screaming, it sounds like Tim “Ripper” Owens is having a heart-attack, and he even makes an impersonation of Ozzy Osbourne in “The Wolf Feeds at Night”, which makes no sense at all giving that there were absolutely no signs of this type of vocal lines in any of the other songs of the album – or in his work with Cage – whatsoever. Weird.

All in all, ‘Masters of Evil’ is an OK album, with bits of inspiration and great execution, but poor in the songwriting department and highly unmemorable. Mercyful Fate/King Diamond hardcore fans should find it a good display, but the casual listener will most definitely need a couple of spins to appreciate the album, if they do appreciate it, that is.

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Written on:

9 reviews

Give me a karaoke, please.

WHY? Plain and simple question “Why?” was my (and not mine exclusively, I’m sure) first impression on the debut mini-album by the MERCYFUL FATE guitar duo Hank Shermann and Michael Denner released some months earlier, and the same goes for this their debut longplay as well. Why do you ruin the excellent music with such tasteless and boring vocals? Too rude of me, perhars, but as a long time fan of MERCYFUL FATE I just can’t help bursting it out. The songs, the playing, the sound, the artwork, just everything is so great about "Masters Of Evil", but when it comes to the vocals, its just a catastrophe. Make a karaoke version of this instead, please.

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