Skull Vintage Sweater - Rock Rebel by EMP Sweatshirt
  • Vintage Style
  • With skull studs

Skull Vintage Sweater Rock Rebel by EMPSweatshirt

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Rock Rebel by EMP
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Skull Vintage Sweater - Rock Rebel by EMP

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1. Back length

  • 62,5 cm
  • 64,0 cm
  • 65,5 cm
  • 67,0 cm
  • 68,5 cm
  • 70,0 cm

2. Chest width

  • 64,5 cm
  • 67,0 cm
  • 69,5 cm
  • 72,0 cm
  • 74,5 cm
  • 77,0 cm

3. Hip Width

  • 83,0 cm
  • 88,0 cm
  • 93,0 cm
  • 98,0 cm
  • 103,0 cm
  • 108,0 cm

4. Sleeve length

  • 34,0 cm
  • 35,0 cm
  • 36,0 cm
  • 37,0 cm
  • 38,0 cm
  • 39,0 cm

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Product Details

Outer material100% cotton
ThemeRock wear
Available since 31.08.2016
Product code327693

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Sweater from Rock Rebel by EMP:

- Ribbed cuffs/hem
- Vintage style
- Skull print
- Skull studs
- Slight batwing sleeves

Sometimes you just want to scream about how much you love Rock’n’Roll. But because people would look at you strangely, instead you can let the ´Skull Vintage Sweater´ do it for you! The casual sweater from Rock Rebel by EMP has a black skull print on the grey washed-out fabric, finished off with studs in the shape of skulls. The skull studs sit on the neckline, which shows off your shoulders.

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