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GenreThrash Metal
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Released in the classic vinyl edition on black vinyl (180g/33rpm).

Slayer's debut album "Show No Mercy" released in the early 80's caused the world of music to shiver. After that, Slayer meant uncompromising, relentless metal which already made them a musical legend. Lots of typical Slayer trademarks can be found on this album making the LP a true classic.

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Show no mercy vinyl slayer

Slayer's favorite lp
Sound perfect
Great shipping by emp

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The birth of Slayer...

A hugely important album in the metal genre, Slayer's debut album has inevitably dated a little, and pales in comparison to their best output ('86 - '94 being the golden years by my reckoning), but is still so chock full of great riffs that it remains an essential listen. The most obvious point to make is that this first album shows Slayer at their least extreme with their metal influences still showing - Tormentor sounds like an Iron Maiden song, and Crionics is identical to the slow chugging thrash of early Metallica - throughout the album drummer Dave Lombardo struggles to get out of mid-pace, with only Final Command pointing the way towards the speed metal Slayer would perfect on Reign in Blood. A few cheesy lyrics and dated metal screams are par for the course in 1983 - guitar-wise however this album really cannot be faulted, and the guitar tones here actually sound better than they do on South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss (maybe remastering has had an effect here?). A very strong debut, Slayer would do better in the future but any album containing such classic tracks as The Antichrist and Black Magic has to go down as an essential purchase to anyone interested in the roots of extreme metal.

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First strike is still the deadliest

Slayer have become one of the most respected bands in the metal scene by the fans and their peers. They've just released their eleventh studio album, World Painted Blood, and show no sign of stopping. This relentless career started back in 1983 with an album titled Show No Mercy, and it did exactly what it said on the cover.

Show No Mercy is a one off in the career of the band, its sound is nothing like anything else they have done and can be seen as a transcendent passage from heavy metal to thrash. The album is packed with NWOBHM inspired riffs and Araya often pulls out high pitched screams that are not normally associated with the thrash scene. What differences this from the conventional heavy metal of the early 80s is the faster paced more aggressive style with which Slayer play. Venom and Diamond Head had done this before but Slayer took it to whole new levels. The band's characteristic sound was not yet found but Show No Mercy is not to be ignored by any means.

It contains songs that have become classics and fan favourites, such as "Die By the Sword", "Black Magic" or "Fight Til' Death"... But the album doesn't just contain a couple of decent tracks; it is a well worked ensemble which is probably overlooked because of the success and strength of the bands later material. I'd add a special mention for "Tormentor" which is my all time favourite Slayer song that, I also find best sums up the album's spirit.

Show No Mercy is without doubt my favourite Slayer album, why? Probably because of the 80s feel it has, which to some may make the record seem slightly outdated. However, the digitally remastered version, released in 2004, brings the sound slightly more up to date, and helps to fully appreciate the talent and effort put into the music.

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