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GenreGothic Rock
Media format4-LP
Media PackagingBox Set
Available since 20.11.2015
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The re-release of the Sisters Of Mercy album "Floodland" comes in a lavish box set and contains 4 LPs ("Floodland" album + the 12" EPs "This corrosion", "Dominion" and "Lucretia my reflection") as well as a download code for the album's mp3 version. The classic was first published in 1987, made the band famous and still hasn't lost its magic.

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Sisters of Mercy "Floodland"

The second Sisters LP. Virtually complete change of composition Compared to the first, the capital of the album. Music can also be changed, only the drum machine and vocals Eldritch remained the same. There was a woman Patricia Morrison - she played bass and vocal assist Eldritch. The album came out in 1987.

Dominion / Mother Russia - long track, incredibly catchy chorus, which appears in the memory for a long time. Films made him a great video, perhaps in the same place where Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail in the third part. 10/10

Flood And - strong point of the song is the climate, gloomy and dark. Monotonous and somewhat monotonous machine, atmospheric keyboards and typical Eldritch melo-recital. 8/10

Lucretia My Reflection - a piece of incredible potential, very melodic and combative, a banal but phenomenal bass motif running through the whole song. Special blush this song takes on when it enters the guitar and revived. The genius lies in simplicity. Curious industrial video was made for this song. 10/10

1959 - ballad on pianinko and voice. The title refers to the year of birth of Andrew Eldritch. Impressive climate, which is melancholy and dobijający. 9/10

This Corrosion - the most catchy and anthemic song from the disc. Version music videos in 4 minutes with pennies, and I think many would be enough for this piece. But so it is great, but unnecessarily prolonged. 9/10

Flood II - like Flood and is dark and stuffy. However, this flood is much better. There is here an acoustic guitar. Keys win paramount motives. Eldritch begins to sing boldly, but still in a characteristic low-key for himself. And these great shouts "Floooood" sounding as if from a distance, like the voice of a man terrified by flooding. Great. 9/10

Driven Like The Snow - Dark, beginning uncertain played on a synthesizer and enters Dr. Avalanche along with it clearly sounding bass, evoking associations with Joy Division. A great chorus, which come to the fore key partnering and as if emphasizing the voice of the leader. 8 + / 10

Never Land - begins with sharp drums, bass enters and disturbing theme on keyboards and "dreamy" and somewhat pensive vocals, Andrew. The song relatively short, it takes less than 3 minutes. 8/10

Torch - This song has the certain magic and specificity. There inspires some hope, but it is melancholiny. The song arranged more austere than others with this album. Steady drum beat, uniform and clear bass guitar. Then comes the flute, winning a fantastic theme. 8/10

Colours - begins synths and an automaton. The song is dominated by synthesizers thus becomes very cool and cold climate. Eldritch exceptionally to save this piece. Limits to speak, but I fit it to the climate, which as I mentioned is cold and dreary. 9 + / 10

When you change the composition of the Sisters offered to discs other than its predecessor. Floodland is a plate richer arranged, play an important role syntetisers .No more joydivision style has so many things on First And Last And Always

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