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GenreHeavy Metal
EditionLimited Edition, Re-Release
Media formatLP
Media PackagingStandard
Available since 12.06.2015
Product code314244

The debut album "Frost & Fire" by Cirith Ungol was first released in 1980 and is now re-released on heavy, black vinyl (180g). It is limited to 500 pieces.

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Greater things to come

Cirith Ungol is an underground 80s metal band (one of many that had been trying to "make it" since the mid-70s with a more doomy, 70s vibe than most 80s bands. Their sound is pretty unique, and vocalist Tim Baker's over-the-top scream is part of that reason. The band's two middle albums (they only did 4) are probably their "definitive" sound, this debut (the only one with two guitarists) has more of a jammy 70s vibe, and Baker's vocals are a little less extreme - he's kind of reminiscent of Alice Cooper at times, here. Lyrically, this album has more stuff about rock'n'roll lifestyle than the more epic-fantasy-themed later albums, although it also has the best of their Elric fantasy-art covers. While at first I wasn't as impressed with the "underground 80s metal" value of this as their later albums, I found I really rather enjoy it. Start with their "King of the Dead" album for their best music (and 2nd best cover), but this is still pretty cool music. The production may not be the best but this album is pure fun. Catchy, strange and fresh (30 years after it's release). You haven't heard anything like this before. Some wont like the vocals, but it really is a big part of the album's charm. Guitars are awesome, melodic and powerfull. Buy this one if you like retro heavy metal.

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