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GenreThrash Metal
Media formatLP
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Available since 15.01.2016
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Released as a "Classic Vinyl Edition" on black vinyl (400 gram cardboard/180 gram pressing/33 rpm) and with poster (60 x 60 cm) as well as inlay.

Slayer was faced with the task of re-recording a worthy successor after their overwhelming debut. With "Hell awaits" they managed this with flying colours. This album exceeds its predecessor by far. Extreme riffs, hammering drums and rock hard vocals make the listener want to hear more and more. Slayer have managed to deliver a thrash metal stroke of genius.

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Masterclass in EVIL!

Slayer, like say Metallica and Megadeth, rose to fame (or infamy) through a natural succession of gradually developing albums. All three started with debuts that were raw and unpolished, some might say a bit naïve (but groundbreaking none the less), had transitional follow ups before finding the band defining sound on the third outings. And with all 3 bands I find the transitional albums the best - namely 'Ride The Lightning', 'Peace Sells' and 'Hell Awaits'.

In terms of progression 'Hell Awaits' ditches the Turbo charged Priest leanings of the debut 'Show No Mercy' but it importantly hasn't yet mastered the technical thrash supremacy of the brutal follow up, 'Reign In Blood'. What really marks it out from these other 2 albums is that it is really quite a disturbing album, in a really good horror film sort of way - this was Slayer at their most EVIL, sinister and, yes, genuinely unique. The oddly comic book and barren artwork, the backward intro to the Title Track, the uncompromising pace that simply never lets up from the minute Hell Awaits kicks fully into gear, the demonic vocals, which are not quite in the forefront of the mix, and the totally gonzoid lyrics (Necrophiliac..., say no more) all mark this out as a pretty deranged piece of work. Sound wise, the guitars attack and buzz like malevolent chainsaws, the vocals border on the sound not dissimilar to a pig being butchered and the drumming is totally unrelenting in its ferocity - if Slayer couldn't play their instruments or were not totally committed to their ART this would be awful but the sheer class that has carried them for 30 odd years oozes out of every song. Some albums and even genres don't stand the test of time, but this is so unique and full on you still get an overwhelming smell of brimstone when you play it now.

This is not for the faint hearted.

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The chance not to be missed

The second full-length album of the greatest Thrash band in this and all the neighbor solar systems is a kind of classic in itself. The icon of the style, the work of genius(es) that anyone playing Thrash should dream of reaching even close to. "Hell Awaits" is definitely the record that any Thrash fan with a slightest bit of self-respect simply MUST have in his collection. Having it on original mid-eighties LP would add lots of credibility to your fan status, that's for sure, but in case you don't have it yet for some reason, here's your chance not to be missed. Original label, original artwork, 180 gr. classic black vinyl, poster, insert and surprisingly affordable price - what more would you dare to ask for?

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Must Have!

Great price for the re-ssue vinyl, which is 180g. Get 'Show no Mercy' whilst you are here. Classics!

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