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Under a funeral moon (20th Anniversary Edition) DarkthroneCD

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GenreBlack Metal
Media format2-CD
Media PackagingMediabook
Available since 30.08.2013
Product code266669

The re-release of the genre classic from 1993 "Under A Funeral Moon (20th Anniversary)” is published as a deluxe media book including a bonus CD with audio commentary by Fenriz.

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Must Have

Under a Funeral Moon is the cream in the Oreo of Darkthrone's Peaceville trilogy, a cream that seems to be overlooked by fans - most likely due to the change in ingredients. It's only a slight change, but a change nonetheless. Compared to her siblings, she's the ugly one of the bunch, but definitely the smartest.

Still present is the quintessential Norwegian black metal sound typical of the early '90s, raw and under-produced, but done so in a way that can almost be off-putting... at least, more so than is traditional of black metal's most influential second wave pioneers. The instrumentation is to be expected of a release from this period, with chainsaw-like distorted guitars; a vile, raspy vocal delivery; and extreme blastbeat mayhem.

The difference lies in the unequaled songwriting depth and variation. The songs are twisted, contorted in a way that structurally leaves them sticking out like a sore thumb, honest and uncompromising and disgusting in every aspect. It's a test of will, a test of your listening ability. The organic feel is anything but accessible, and the average listener could experience serious dementia as a result of attempting to digest such corruption.

As we’ve stated before it is hard to imagine a commentary disc working for many bands, but with Fenriz, by the time you’ve reached the end of the disc, it’s like you’ve sat down and shared a beer and a discussion with a close friend rather than listene to a complete stranger telling you about an album recorded some 22 years ago. Fenriz’s gift is his boundless enthusiasm for both his music and, perhaps more importantly, for metal as a whole. The commentary is never self-serving or arrogant, and the information he pours forth is effortlessly fascinating. As with the other re-issues, the key here is in the detail. From the liner notes to the enhanced video interview the package could not be more complete, and it is easy to imagine the release offering plenty for fans even if they have owned the album for years. Few bands are as influential on an entire genre as Darkthrone, and the opportunity to hear the band tell the story in their own words is something that should not be missed. Another brilliant reissue from Peaceville, if you don’t already own ‘under a funeral moon’ (and why not) then you have to track a copy of this excellent two disc set down.

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