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Toxic Angel
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Guardian Of Midgard - Toxic Angel

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Product Details

Outer material70% cotton, 30% polyester
CategoryHooded jackets
ThemeRock wear, Biker, Horror, Vikings
Available since 12.07.2013
Product code263503

Questions about this product?

- hood with drawstring
- front, back and sleeve print
- sewn-on front pocket

D you like Viking designs? Then check out the brand Toxic Angel. On the black Guardian Of Midgard hooded zip you can see an undead warrior. On the back two more undead warriors are waiting for you. Put it on and feel the power.

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5 reviews

Written on:

Guardian Of Midgard Hoodie

Unique print on front and back of this hoodie, print on both sides of arms is great too.
Excellent quality material, the zip can be a little niggly to fasten.
But I can overide this for the unique design.
Just wish i'd ordered a size down, as it does seem to be a little loose at the waistband, bit I would rather have it loose than too tight.
Overall, an awesome hoodie, great value for money,love it.

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21 reviews

Written on:

Guardian of Midgard, Hooded zip

The excellent sweatshirt, quality of the press and material excellent, but after the first washing stretched a belt elastic band that isn't really pleasant. It is better to order one size less. For the rest everything is good.

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1 review

Written on:

Brilliant Hoody

Love the really crisp print to the viking imagery

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9 reviews

Written on:

Perfect... almost, but still.... AWESOME

Sizing is spot on for this item for a standard fit. Not baggy but not tight either, just right.

The materials are fantastic and the construction is excellent. Its a very well made hoodie. The inside is incredibly soft !! even inside the front pockets.

Obviously the best thing is the printing which ive noticed seems to be very eye catching on the street.
The printing is well done and has stood up to the first few perfectly. Its not a really thick "matte paint" sort of texture, its more smooth and subtle which is great as it should get rubbed away.

The only thing letting this item down is the zip which is pretty annoying. It can be sticky and tricky to zip up compared to YKK zips. Thats not to say its a deal breaker or too much trouble, its more like a little niggle and something that bugs me but because the hoodie is so incredibly awesome in every other way I dont even care about the slightly clunky zip.

Odin would approve

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