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GenreHeavy Metal
EditionColoured, Limited Edition
Media format2-LP
Available since 20.04.2012
Product code225937

Limited 2-LP in transparent vinyl in gatefold cover, with printed inside covers.

This album sounds fresh, „Me and the boys“ is a single-smasher, „Dracula“ shines with epic profoundness.

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This is Running Wild: And they're back

Sometimes I really want to write a review of "Shadowmaker" "Running". But each time I stop myself, because this is just the case when it is impossible to be objective. Even in relation to himself, not to mention the masses, whose phrase "Running Wild" does not cause sacred trepidation, like your recalcitrant. What polar and contradictory responses about this disk were heard (and still can be heard) from all over the world! Impressive power of this resonance can be felt when you see that the release of a new album of the revived "pirates" even of real fans has split like a wedge driven into the heart of a tree. And the RW fans are strong in their love of the band, you can take it on your word. And more than a thousand times you can erase the tongue in the corn, repeating that already with the "Brotherhood" Herr Kasparek covered the group as such, replacing the close-knit team of musicians united by one goal, into the one-person and one-sided rule of the name of Himself with rare glimpses of talented (but, Alas, mute) of the session attendants. And about the devilish apparatus that stuffed it with the soul of the deceased Angelo Sasso, who now answers for the percussion. And about the overall roll of late creativity Running Wild from purebred heavy in the direction of hard rock. Can. As well as, wiping with precious emotions, the precious vinyls Under Jolly Roger, Port Royal, Death or Glory, grieve that the frigate that left the dock lost several high-speed sails, and drunken sailors were stripped from the stern by gilding, Replacing it with rum and girls. But is it necessary? To live in the past, which is undoubtedly fine (and we, Neptune, do not take it away from it), at the moment when Kasparek, after long expectations (think about it, almost eight years ago!) Brought his new creation to the joy of the public. The cunning Teutonian grinned, looking at the camera, saying that the "Creator of the Shadows" would be his best album. And personally I want to believe that his words - not an advertising gimmick, but an expression of sincere pleasure from the work done.

Above I casually listed the main (and objective) shortcomings of the new album. They are, they can not be hidden, they are conspicuous (or still in the ears?) As an insidious awl, thrust into a sack. But at the same time, who does not bribe and do not fall in love with this cheerful enthusiasm, rolling out from the very first chords of the "Piece of an Action" opener, and not weakening to the very end of the album? Who does not take a heart attack of nostalgia for the sounds of a double solo in the song "I Am Who I Am" (the best, according to many, on the album)? Was not Mike Mothi back from the distant times "The Port of the Royal" to help Rolf in this passage? And the joyous ease of "Riding on the Tide" and the heavy power of "Locomotive"? Or is this spirit-filled rock'n'roll hymn "Me and the Boys"? By the way, it was this song that became for many fans of the band a real stumbling block. Reading the comments on various sites, I vividly imagined how an indignant individual, hearing this composition, grabbed his head and ran out from behind the table with shouting: "Oh, Mine Gott, what is this?". It's here that it is checked, who lives past, and who is ready for experiments and creative search. Personally, I'm entirely on the side of the second. For me, "Shadowmaker" has become really easy to perceive, a strong and energetic work, made from the heart, catching and not releasing from the cutscene to the final chord of the final epic album "Dracula". And although I remind myself that "Death or Glory" and "Black Hand Inn" are harder, more monumental, interesting and just steeper at times, launching a new album RW in the player, I feel the most positive emotions and say to myself: "This is Running Wild: And they're back. "

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